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I am a daughter to an amazing woman and a mom to a girl toddler who is smart and cute ☺️
An entrepreneurial housewife that blogs about Life, Personal Development, Early Childhood Development,Small Business Network a DIYer with a passion for Philanthropy

Growing up in Tsakane the east of Johannesburg, I have always wanted more out of life and always wanted to own a business. It all started when I was 13years- I sold socks and I did braids-plaits or natural-plaits on women and little girls’ hair for money. Fast forward to my 20’s where I co-owned a salon and that did not work out and I found myself working for a corporate for a couple of years. But that dream of having a salon of my own just didn’t go away, so I left my good paying job to make this dream come true.

I started slow then eventually was successful, I could have never been happier. Till I had to sell and move to Mozambique because of my husband’s work, hence I am in this great space of blogging. A passion for writing has always been there but just never had the time, now that I am at home with my little girl I am able to write now you can read ? I wish I had done it sooner. My writing is more like ‘me having a conversation with a friend’ about all sorts of things. Whilst trying to save the world and educating my child and run a home.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my space, I sure hope it’s all you expect it to be and more. Should you want to connect, even more let’s share pictures on Instagram – @nondiemorais and for those DIYers who ❤️ Pinterest like myself check out my pins on Pinterest – @nondiemorais and of course a professional connection is always important let’s link on LinkedIn- Nondumiso Morais, or if Facebook did not GPS you here, then press like on

Thank you kindly for the taking time to read.


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