Three generations of life

//Three generations of life

The Link Literacy Project- volunteer organization

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It's no secret that I strongly believe that Early Childhood Education\Intermediate Education is key to creating enthusiastic lifelong learning and [...]

Sanitary wear options- for a GREENER YOU

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If you ever heard the saying: 'Diamonds Are Forever- "try soiled disposable sanitary pads" the plastic in a pad will take hundreds of years before decomposing. Last year I did a piece for Sparrow school on the sanitary pad donation drive that takes place yearly during Women's Month. This lead me to receive a lot of emails with questions like, how will the girls sustain this? aren't reusable pads the best option for a long term? - 'great questions but, I too didn't have the answers. This transported me-to-a mental space where I needed to find other ways to help the girls stay in school, be cost effective and environmentally safe. This transported me-to-a mental space where I needed to find other ways to help girls stay in school, be cost-effective and environmentally-safe. Off course reusable sanitary wear is the best, so I started on research to see, what we have available in South African or the continent at large.

5 Items towards unleashing your child’s potential from birth

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There is nothing greater than knowing you have done everything in your power to help your child meet their potential. [...]