Mixed Racial Families South Africa- Johannesburg picnic

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Mixed Racial Families South Africa- Johannesburg picnic

It’s been a long time coming, invites went out in April, I could not wait for mixed racial families in JHB to meet and have fun at the park. 

The 9th of July 2016 is never going to be just another date for me, this marks the first Mixed Racial Family South African picnic – one of many to come.

I started a support group called MRFSA, I wanted to create a space that families are able to share their experiences, good or bad. That sense of normal when you hear other people stories and you relate by experience. South Africa has had freedom for 22 years but for some, the subject is still taboo [mostly interracial dating] and sometimes life as a MRF in SA can be isolating. But having a family support group to share and laugh about things has been a Blessing not just for me but for the members of the group.

So meeting the families seemed like the thing to do, and it was! Suzi and I hold the administration for the group so we decided on a date and organized one of the best photographers in JHB: https://m.facebook.com/hendriksnymanphotography/ [check out some of his work] and I made some prompts, I did indeed. I seem to be making a lot of things lately [ I have become a permanent resident of Pinterest]

With all prompts, our travel, and stay sorted. All I could think is,  what if it’s too cold? what if no one comes? I was so nervous but mostly excited. I even forgot to get a gift for my friend [it’s so rude to stay at a friends house and don’t even get flowers ?, I know, I know, I am sorting it out] The night before and the morning of the event, my husband kept on telling me “it will all be fine babes” [once again, he turned out to be right]

At the venue[Delta park-Joahnnesburg], every time I saw a mixed racial family or a couple walk towards us, I felt so happy, at times it brought me to tears [remember I am not a crier]  Everything went well, mostly all RSVP’s came and everyone had fun in sun. We all connected and some of us re-connect with old friends and their families. The highlight of the day was meeting such strong women that I have a lot in common with and seeing the women connect with each other, kids playing themselves silly and of course husbands talking about whatever men talk about [I bet, it was soccer] this just confirmed how much we all needed to meet. And the biggest lesson for me for the day was Love is Love,definitely!

Johannesburg picnic – 2016

Be on the look out for the next picnic in Mpumalanga…

Please share with friends and family members who could benefit from our support group:


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