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Sanitary wear options- for a GREENER YOU

If you ever heard the saying: 'Diamonds Are Forever- "try soiled disposable sanitary pads" the plastic in a pad will take hundreds of years before decomposing. Last year I did a piece for Sparrow school on the sanitary pad donation drive that takes place yearly during Women's Month. This lead me to receive a lot of emails with questions like, how will the girls sustain this? aren't reusable pads the best option for a long term? - 'great questions but, I too didn't have the answers. This transported me-to-a mental space where I needed to find other ways to help the girls stay in school, be cost effective and environmentally safe. This transported me-to-a mental space where I needed to find other ways to help girls stay in school, be cost-effective and environmentally-safe. Off course reusable sanitary wear is the best, so I started on research to see, what we have available in South African or the continent at large.


I am a daughter to an amazing woman and a mom to a girl toddler who is smart and cute ☺️
An entrepreneurial housewife that blogs about Life, Personal Development, Early Childhood Development, Small Business Network a DIYer with a passion for Philanthropy

Growing up in Tsakane the east of Johannesburg, I have always wanted more out of life, I had big dreams of owning and running a business. It all started when I was 13-years-old I sold socks, I did braid-plaits and natural-plaits on women and little girls hair as a business. Fast forward to my 20’s where I co-owned a salon and when it didn’t work out and I found myself working for a corporate company for a couple of years. The dream of having a salon of my own was still there, so I left a well-paying job to make my dream come true. It started slow then eventually it was successful, I could have never been happier.

My husband had an opportunity to work in Mozambique, so I had to make the hardest decision of my life. To sell the business and move across to Moz, this is how I find myself in the space of blogging. My writing isn’t the greatest, but I hope the content and the message will keep coming back. I write as though – I am having a conversation with a friend about all sorts of things whilst trying to save the World, educating my child, and running a home.

Thank you so much, for taking the time to visit my space. I hope to see you soon!


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